You should see a blue vocab book coming home each week that contains their words and definitions for the week. In addition, they will have three to five Greek or Latin root words each week that will be on the board at school as well as written in their vocab books. 

Each Friday the students will be tested on the spelling of all the vocab words and root words (they will write the definition of each ROOT WORD). They will also need to be familiar with what each of the twelve VOCAB words means (NOT word for word) because the test will consist of fill-in-the-blank sentences that will require the students to have an understanding of the word meanings. 

REVIEW WEEK for Sept. 16-20:

Spelling and Vocab Units 1-3 Review

EXTRA WORDS for Sept. 9-13:

1. they’re

2. their

3. there

EXTRA WORDS for Sept. 3-6:

1. achieve

2. acquaintance

3. against

EXTRA WORDS for Aug. 26-30:

1. acceptable

2. accidentally

3. accommodate 


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