Reading Counts

TOOLS for Students:

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Reading Counts is a Scholastic Books computer based program which inspires students to read, engages their participation, measures independent reading, and provides them with a positive experience. It is designed to strengthen the core reading curriculum and demonstrate accountability. It provides meaningful opportunities to develop essential reading skills in vocabulary, comprehension, and test taking.

With Reading Counts, students self-select appropriately challenging, interesting books and read them independently. They test their comprehension of the books they choose on the computer with a unique quiz drawn from a bank of up to 30 questions. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Students do not have to take a quiz on every book they read. They are only required to take 2 quizzes per month unless otherwise specified in class.) The program provides immediate feedback and celebrates student success with an age-appropriate, personalized congratulation screen for passing a quiz. Lastly, each student is asked to rate the book they have just read on the Read-O-Meter screen. If a student fails a quiz, he or she may revisit the book and retake the quiz with a different set of questions.

Reading Counts helps students be accountable for their reading achievement by providing them with the opportunity to help set quantifiable reading goals and to monitor their progress. Aligned to state and national standards, Reading Counts effectively supplements and integrates with core reading programs. Quizzes are available for a complet
e range of fiction and nonfiction books and many support reading across the curriculum.

Because I strongly believe that in order to foster a true, lasting love of reading in our students, they must be given some choice in what they read, Reading Counts will be an integral part of our reading program in fifth grade. Along with guided reading, literature circles, and read aloud, the Reading Counts independent reading program will round out our daily Reading Workshop.

Each student is expected to have his/her Reading Counts book at school each day and then to take it home each night for “homework” reading time. I understand that some evenings are busier than others so I’ve set up the Weekly Reading Log to accommodate this. The students are given a minimum required reading time for the week to be fulfilled whenever possible throughout the week.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Gilbert


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