Meet Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert

Welcome to our fifth grade blog!

Mrs. Gilbert loves teaching fifth grade! As many of you know, she taught third grade for seven years at Salem and this is her seventh year in fifth grade. Before that, she actually taught fifth grade at another Lutheran school. Mrs. Gilbert graduated from Concordia University Irvine in 2000 and also received her Masters of Education from CUI in 2003. She is married to Mr. Gilbert and they have three precious little boys – Kyle Jr., Caleb, and Cade.

Some of Mrs. Gilbert’s favorite things to do besides teaching and spending time with her family are learning more through reading books, blogs, etc., watching her boys play sports, eating at her favorite restaurants, and going on dates with Mr. Gilbert.

As a teacher, she promises to give her students her very best and she expects their very best in return. It is her goal to be your guide on this learning journey and provide you with the tools and strategies that you need to search, wonder, inquire, and imagine. Mrs. Gilbert knows that each of her students walk into her classroom with different strengths and interests. She wants you to optimize those strengths as you gain knowledge in all subject areas. As the fifth grade language arts teacher, her dream is that students will leave her class as skilled, passionate, habitual, and critical readers and with the confidence to write and let others see the world through their eyes.

Mr. Gilbert has been teaching fifth grade at Salem for thirteen years. He graduated from Concordia Irvine in 2001 and completed his Masters degree in education at CUI as well. He loves coaching and working with kids of all ages.

His favorite things to do include spending time with Mrs. Gilbert and his three stinky boys, playing and watching sports, and visiting Oregon whenever he can!

Mr. Gilbert loves working with kids and watching them reach their full potential. He has high expectations for his students because he knows how awesome they can be!


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