Fighting Ground Reflection

One of the themes of The Fighting Ground is the contrast between the reality and the fantasy of war. Before experiencing battle, Jonathan’s attitude toward the war is very different from his father’s. Explore these differences by finishing the sentences and answering the questions.


1. When Jonathan thinks of war, he imagines…

2. When Jonathan’s father thinks of war, he probably remembers…

3. When Jonathan thinks of becoming a soldier, he feels…

 4. When Jonathan’s father thinks of Jonathan joining, he probably feels…

 5. Why do you think Jonathan and his father have such different attitudes towards the war?

 6. Do you think that either of them will change their attitude by the end of the book? If so, who and why?


Fighting Ground Questions – through pg. 19


1. What do you infer about Jonathan’s father’s feelings about war? Why?

2. What are Jonathan’s dreams of war? Why are his views so different from his father’s?

3. Pull out of these chapters the one sentence or phrase that you think is the most important. Explain.

4. What is the situation at the tavern? Why have the men been called?

5. Describe the Corporal. How does he act? What can you infer about him?

6. What questions would you like to ask Jonathan?

7. Predict what will happen next.

Colonial Faire Research Summary Example

Lisa #0


Colonial Candle Making

          Mostly women and children in the home did candle making in the late 1700s. Since there was no electricity, they needed candles daily for light.

         Most colonial families averaged making 400 candles each year. They would usually… THERE SHOULD BE 3 BODY PARAGRAPHS TALKING ABOUT THE TOPIC.

         As you can see, candles were very important to colonial life. They provided light in homes and taverns during the night.

Colonial Tin Punching

1. Tinsmithing is also known as _________________________________________.

2. Apprenticeships usually lasted about ______________________________ years.

3. Commonly produced items produced by tinsmiths were ____________________.

4. Some tools that the tinsmith used were __________________________________.

5. The men and boys often did the tinsmithing and the women and young girls would _______ the finished products.

6. Because the art of tinsmithing has declined due to factories and industry, sheets of tin have been replaced with ____________________________________.

7. One advantage of using tin over iron is that it does not _____________________.

8. No self-respecting tinsmith would refer to himself as a ______________________ who were repairers of tin, not artisans.

9. Some of the tinsmith’s hammers were made of __________________________ so that they would not dent the delicate tin.



tin punch 6tin punch 5tin punch 3 tin punch 4tin punch 1 tin punch 2

Class Lists for Valentines

Sorry for the delay on these… Here are our class lists for Valentines if you’d like to do them:

Mrs. Gilbert’s Class: Sophie, Kai, Evan, Cate, Luke, Hannah, Ashley, Ashlyn, Andrew, Anthony, Dylan, Talia, Gabe, Meha, Corbin, Jack

Mr. Gilbert’s Class: Bella, Elias, Taylor, Rusty, Devony, Jonathan, Connor, Kyle, Danny, Jacob, Jake, Richard, Ethan, Emily, Olivia, Liam