Middle Colony NOTES


*The Colony of New Netherland

       – settled by Dutch

       – very diverse – spoke many languages

       – English took over peacefully

  • New York

    • given as gift to James, Duke of York

    • James let them keep freedom of religion

    • ruled by King

  • New Jersey

    • Duke of York gave some of land to 2 friends

    • named it New Jersey after island in England

    • wanted to make money off the land by renting and selling it

    • allowed lots of freedom to attract people

  • Pennsylvania

    • founded by William Penn

    • Penn was a Quaker – peaceful and didn’t believe in war, wouldn’t pay taxes to Church of England

    • Penn wanted a colony where all religions could be free

    • means “Penn’s woods”

    • Penn called it a “holy experiment” because wanted to treat everyone equally – including Native Americans

    • known as the “bread basket” of the colonies because of all the grain they grew

    • Philadelphia (most important city in colonies) = “City of Brotherly Love”

      • largest city in the colonies

      • important port for trade

      • Independence Hall – where Declaration of Independence signed

    • Benjamin Franklin – important in Philly

      • Quaker

      • was a postmaster, started hospital and library, insurance co., fire station, into science, inventor

    • Delaware

      • originally New Sweden

      • then part of Pennsylvania

      • broke away from Penn when wouldn’t help fight French

    • Life in Middle Colonies

      • owned mostly by proprietors

      • lots of religious freedom

      • most colonists were farmers

      • New York and Philly = centers for shipping and trade

      • kids learned jobs in town by being apprentices


Happy End of 1st Quarter & Red Ribbon Week!

Great 1st quarter, 5th graders! You’re all starting to get the hang of things! 🙂 Keep up the good work.

Here are the dress days for NEXT WEEK’S RED RIBBON WEEK:

MondayRED SOCK DAY (with uniform)

TuesdayRED HAT DAY (with uniform)

WednesdayALL RED DAY (may wear ALL red – no uniform necessary unless not wearing all red!)

ThursdayMISMATCH DAY Please bring canned goods offering for chapel!

FridayJEANS 4 JESUS – Wear jeans and bring $1. All money raised will go to the Sleeping Bags for the Homeless.